One thing I never really got to touch up on was the Grand Citadel itself. The dragons all hail from the country ARK before they were all exiled and fled to Crescentent. Skylar is the crowned prince of this now ruined nation.

When I was covering this part in the side story w/ my Assassin Group, Mezen notes how the place has already been looted since its fall. When Skylar is finally freed from the Sorceresses’ hold, he returns to his nation just to see how bad the destruction is.

Lysander himself tells Skylar it would be impossible to rebuild at this point and to just leave the dragons be in Crescentent. 

This…really kills Skylar because he seems himself as weak. He couldn’t help his father stop the fall of their nation and fell prey to a sorceress. He was used and feels as though he’s nothing.

In my story, the dragons are revered as powerful guardians of the elements. When ARK was taken over by a power hungry ruler, they were seen as a threat and were killed. There’s not a lot of them left in the world which is why they try to stay so hidden. (Lysander being a good example because of his heritage he stays off in the capital city of Crescentent.)

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sketching sketching

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Lysander is just super annoying with his friendship with skylar. WORST FRIENDS FROM THE NOBLE HOUSE

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The two dumb dragons of the Grand Citadel :l Lysander and Skylar. They’re such dweebs omfg.

I love how lysander is so colorful in comparison to skylar…gem dragons vs darkness dragons aHAHAHA

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trying to fix some aspects of magicide in the 2nd part of my story, got some notes down 6__9

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drew some fanart for arubboth because wow cute clothing

i think the design may be a bit outdated tho =w=;;

either way her character alicia is adorbs and i’m a huge sucker for things with light magics

Oh gosh no, the design isn’t outdated at all! *V* that’s her outfit for the first part of the story!<3 ahhhh I’m so happy you really enjoyed going through my story tag and I’m even more happy you drew my bby Alicia ;___; she looks so adorable in your style! I love the coloring so much<333

omg thank you for this! i appreciate it so much ahhh it’s so nice to see her in this outfit again<333333

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trying to make skylar’s little posse of dragons since he did manage to escape with a handful from ARK

I realized they’re hadn’t been one to represent ‘gems’ for elements which would be a rare breed. I think Skylar may have had one who is a gem dragon and was sure that he and whoever the other may be escaped off to Crescentent’s capital safely.

His features wouldn’t be as known since gem magic allows the user to take on different elements. His eyes shine like gems and he has various gems that are scale like on his left cheek.

So we have..

Skylar= Dark Dragon, possibly the dragon of darkness magicide
?????= Gem Dragon
and one more but I’m not sure what element they’d fall under hmmm

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i can’t be bothered to fuck with this anymore i have no idea how lighting lightning or armor lighting works sob

go go lightning sword geomancy. do ur thang, stellan.


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playing fire emblem has really helped bring the inspiration i needed back for drawing my story ;__; im super fucking happy

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Well if I got one thing out of creating those two, it finally gave me the creativity to work towards my freaking story, mainly in Esunia for the draconics.

Allium would use wind geomancy while Cadmus uses thunder. Their father would be a Draconic, so he had done the ritual to become as the dragons. Basically by drinking their blood and piercing the heart with the tooth of a dragon. I’m still not 100% sure how it goes about in my story since..

Draconics originate from ARK and it’s Dragon taking human form. The ritual for humans is for them to become dragons. It might work in reverse where they don’t turn into OMG THOSE HUGE DRAGONS, but have the ability to transform their bodies into what would be considered a dragon. Permanent or not, it depends on the person who did the ritual upon themselves.

Allium and Cadmus would be be from the Magic Capital in Esunia who are training for this

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